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An in-depth look as to how investors look at a company. What questions do they ask? What do they need to know? What makes a company “investible”? You will learn it all from this panel of experienced investors, all of whom have invested in high growth companies.


Dan Loague
President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Dan Loague is President, Washington DC ArchAngels, a member-organization formed in 2011 that holds monthly meetings attended by local investors in the MD-DC-VA region interested in evaluating exceptional start-up companies as potential investment opportunities. Membership in the Washington DC ArchAngels is limited and invitation-only. Read full profile…


Chris Copple
Founder & CEO, Starise Ventures, Inc.
For over thirteen years, Starise Ventures has provided expertise for several biotech and life science companies. As an angel investor, she has taken eleven biotech companies to a successful exit. Read full profile…

Bob Dinkel
Business Services Exec / Angel Investor
Bob Dinkel is an experienced business executive and advisor to a number of early stage firms.
He is also a Managing Director at Pierce Capital Partners, an international investment banking firm providing middle market merger, acquisition, divestiture, and corporate finance services. Read full profile…

C. Earl Peek
Founder & Managing Partner, Diamond Ventures
Mr. Peek has an extensive background in public accounting, commercial lending, venture capital formation and as an entrepreneur having ran his own business for eight years and founded a partnership organized to qualify to be an Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) and Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC). Read full profile…

Ian Portnoy
Senior Counsel, Dickinson Wright PLLC
Ian Portnoy is Senior Counsel in Dickinson Wright’s Corporate Practice with over 40 years of experience in the legal industry. With a diverse corporate, intellectual property and real estate practice, I’ve played a significant role in many high profile projects throughout the United States. Read full profile…

Randall Reade
Executive Vice President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Randall Reade is the Executive Vice-President and of The Washington DC ArchAngels (WDCA), an angel investment group he co-founded in 2011. The WDCA meets monthly and brings innovative companies from around the US and the world to meet with their broad range of angel investors. Read full profile…

Lilian Ting
Select Venture Partners
Lilian Ting is a Principal of Select Venture Partners LLC, an early-stage, post-seed/pre-Series A investment management group that focuses on cloud services, SaaS enterprise software, mobile, data analytics, and e-commerce companies. Read full profile…

Prachi Vakharia
Prachi Vakharia lives and works in Washington DC, where she works on Autonomous Vehicles, V2X technologies, digital and shared mobility projects in DC, NY, and LA. Read full profile…