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“What an incredible experience! This was my first time attending the Wharton DC Innovation Summit, and I was not disappointed. The speakers were very engaging, th seminar topics were meticulously relevant, and the opportunity to meet game-changers in the industry was boundless. I am very much looking forward to next year’s summit and will bring my entire executive team with me.”

JOYAL MULHERONFounder & CEO, Evermore

“The Wharton DC Innovation Summit is a brilliant mix of bold entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and skilled business leaders, who collectively make for one of the most thought-provoking one-day meetings I’ve ever attended. The innovation and disruptive ideas are excellent and the ability to collaborate is outstanding. I left the meeting knowing new people, and new strategies. It was inspiring and I’m looking forward to next year’s Summit."


“The Summit is fantastic. I’ve had a lot of great conversations with individuals here. There are many new perspectives, innovative ideas, and great opportunities to collaborate. We’ve had numerous informal sessions with much dialogue.”

ANEESH CHOPRAHunch Analytics, and First White House Chief Technology Officer

“What’s exciting about the Summit is that we have entrepreneurs and innovators coming together in the Nation’s Capital, finding ways entrepreneurs and innovators can help the big problems over the next decade. I’m excited about being here because the talent gathered here can together be part of the solution for our Nation’s ills.”

Stephanie D. Katz
Stephanie D. KatzFounder and President, CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC

“The Wharton Club of DC is like a club of clubs with events for all interests, and it even partners with other top business, professional, and alumni groups. Whether you are looking for networking, educational, social, or cultural programs, there are always so many opportunities from which to choose. And, I always leave an event having met someone new or learned something new.”

Irene Tata
Irene TataAmeriprise Financial

“The Innovation Summit was just outstanding. Fortunately, I was able to spend all of the first day at the event including the reception at the Embassy. What a great day!”