Unlocking the Power of AI to Advance Your Career with Sean Makulowich

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Learn how AI can help craft standout resumes and professional bios that captivate your audience and showcase your unique strengths effectively and articulately. Whether you’re updating your CV, enhancing your LinkedIn Profile, or conducting market research, this workshop will teach you how to use AI to augment professional growth and position yourself for success in a competitive job market.


Sean Makulowich
Founder and CEO, IdeaFire
Sean Makulowich is the Founder and CEO of IdeaFireTM, an award-winning digital marketing and AI consulting and training firm based in downtown Bethesda that is celebrating a decade of innovation this year with its 10th Anniversary. For over 15 years, Sean has been consulting, training, and advising sales, marketing, and HR executives – providing and guiding them with deep insights and expertise on how to develop creative and effective marketing campaigns that drive their customers to take action. Sean is a compassionate leader who encourages his team and his business partners to foster creativity and further company growth through client success. Read full profile…