The Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Innovation

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Numerous innovations in healthcare have been accelerated or created as a result of the pandemic.  Telehealth is the epitome of such innovation as the pandemic’s requirement for social isolation has led to its widespread adoption from very low and grudging use.  Telemedicine, like Zoom, has hit an innovation “inflection point” in its use.  However, it may not be a medical panacea.

The panel will discuss the rapid adoption of technological innovation like telemedicine, the use of AI, and convergence of cyber and digital health and discuss other timely topics including how:

> Federal and state governments are incentivizing new avenues for health promotion by changing rules governing health privacy, insurance and cybersecurity;

> global and local use of AI is part of public health, business management, and cost-saving medical solutions;

> small businesses and solo entrepreneurs can meet demand for mental health fitness (amidst human or job loss and lockdowns); and

> entrepreneurs and their backers should operate strategically to meet customer health needs amidst COVID19 including technology that addresses needs of minorities and older people who are disproportionately impacted by COVID19.

Perhaps, most importantly, panelists will provide perspective on which innovations are here to stay and where additional opportunities may occur given the especially high demand for mental and healthcare services in general.


Ilyse Veron
Principal, Veron Ventures
With vision and innovation, Ilyse Veron ably advises executives and directs enterprise-wide communications strategies through her consultancy Veron Ventures. Her client Darmiyan, whose non-invasive brain diagnostic predicts and monitors Alzheimer’s type dementia, initially closed a seed round with Eisai leading and has been featured in WSJ, Fortune, Psychology Today and the entrepreneurial hub VatorTV. Read full profile…


Bikram Bakshi
Entrepreneur / Investor / Adviser
Bikram is a seasoned CEO, innovator, and entrepreneur based in the Washington, DC area. He has led organizations ranging from early stage startups to key business divisions of a Fortune 10 company. He currently serves on the Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, is a board member or advisor to a number of early stage startups, and is a cyber investment council member and principal investor with Blu Venture Investors. Read full profile…

Jeffrey Hausfeld, M.D., M.B.A.
Chairman of the Board and Chief Medical Officer at BioFactura, Inc. & Chairman and Founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Jeffrey Hausfeld, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S., has served on the national board and committees of specialty medical societies since he began his practice in Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery in 1982. He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at George Washington University School of Health Sciences and an alumnus of the Yale University School of Medicine. Read full profile…

Keith Lemer
Chief Executive Officer, WellNet Healthcare Group
As CEO of WellNet Healthcare, Keith leads businesses to rethink and better manage their health insurance costs. He identifies problems with the health care system and offers innovations to improve cost and quality of care. Keith holds a patent for a network-based healthcare management system. He also founded Healthcare Interactive, a software development firm that builds applications to control and consolidate healthcare management within a single environment. Read full profile…

Nina Vasan, MD, MBA
Psychiatrist / Entrepreneur / Author
Dr. Vasan is the Founder and Executive Director of Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation, the world’s first academic lab dedicated to transforming mental health through technology and entrepreneurship. She is a psychiatrist at Silicon Valley Executive Psychiatry, a concierge practice in California and New York that specializes in improving mental health, performance, and wellbeing for executives, entrepreneurs, and elite performers. Read full profile…