The Future of Private Funding: The view from Angel Investors

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Learn how angel funding and venture capital for seed and early stage companies is changing because of Covid-19: How will it affect you and your company, what you can do about it, and how the innovation sector will help a post-Covid world. Our panelists have decades of experience as investors, relationships with family offices and a national network of serial entrepreneurs, company builders and funders.


Randall Reade
Executive Vice President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Randall Reade co-founded The Washington DC ArchAngels in 2011, and has reviewed thousands of companies, and presented over 800 to hundreds of investors. He is active as an advisor to entrepreneurs and investors on, and he is Most Viewed Writer on the subjects of entrepreneurship, angel investing and venture capital, having reached 4.5 million views worldwide. Read full profile…


Alan Brody
CEO, TECHmarketing, Convean: iBreakfast & Startupalooza
Alan Brody is the “Dean” of Digital Startups and founder of Startupalooza, the pitching forum and Capital Raising Workshop that runs in eight cities and helped entrepreneurs raise millions. He is author of Are You Fundable? the book for Entrepreneurs that helps them understand the Investor mindset and get them to write a check. Read full profile…

Chris Copple, PhD
Founder & CEO, Starise Ventures, Inc.
Christine D. Copple, Ph.D. is currently President & CEO of Starise Ventures, Inc, which mitigates the intrinsic execution risks of translating biomedical discoveries from the bench to the bedside. Previously she was President & CEO of ASM Resources Inc., the venture arm of the American Society for Microbiology where she built their diversified investment portfolio. Read full profile…

William J. Podd
President & CEO at Landmark Capital Corporation
William Podd is the Executive Director of Landmark Angels (a national, private angel group), President & CEO of Landmark Capital (a boutique advisory and consulting firm founded in 1993 and based in Greenwich, CT), and President of the Landmark Family Office (an investment alliance of prominent US and international Family Offices). Read full profile…

Scott Spitzer
Technology & Commercial Attorney
Scott Spitzer is an attorney in Washington, DC who represents entrepreneurs, startups and growth companies, both domestically and internationally. Mr. Spitzer has served as General Counsel or in senior legal positions for mid-size NASDAQ and other public companies in financial services, advanced medical technologies and business process outsourcing. He has also served as CEO of a large international precious metals dealer headquartered in New York City. Read full profile…