Tech Titans – AI, VR/XR, and Biotechnology (Room C)

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A panel dedicated to the exploration of frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and Quantum Computing might aptly be titled “Super Convergence”. This title underscores the avant-garde nature of these technological marvels, while subtly suggesting the extraordinary, near superhuman capabilities that mastery over them can bestow. The primary mission of this forum would be to delve into the most recent advancements and real-world applications of these technologies. Moreover, it aims to shine a spotlight on the trailblazing individuals and visionary corporations that are at the forefront of technological innovation, molding the contours of the future.


Rosemarie Truman
Growth Strategy | Entrepreneur | Startup Catalyst | Impact Investor | Corporate Executive
Entrepreneur, startup catalyst, impact investor and a corporate executive. Founder and CEO of The Center for Advancing Innovation Inc. CEO and Co-Founder of Ignite Social Impact, the first crowd platform to democratize impact investing. Read full profile…


Benjamin Holmes
Nanochon, CEO
Dr. Ben Holmes is an entrepreneur, medtech executive, inventor, and scientist. He is the CEO and co-founder of Nanochon, which is commercializing a 3D printed cartilage implant for regenerating lost or damaged cartilage in joints. His academic background is in 3D printing and biomaterials for tissue engineering and regeneration. Read full profile…

John Bittman
NIST Interagency Policy Specialist, Technology Partnerships Office (TPO)
John Bittman is an Interagency Policy Specialist in the Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He works on convening technology transfer stakeholders and assisting in program and policy formulation on behalf of the interagency technology transfer community. Read full profile…

Suthira Taychakhoonavudh
Chief Executive Officer at Baiya Phytopharm
Suthira Taychakhoonavudh co-founded Baiya Phytopharm in 2018 with a desire to create a company to achieve the impossible within the pharmaceutical industry. Suthira’s goal is to create a platform that can provide access to high quality and affordable medication to more people across the country and in the SEA region. Her goal with Baiya is to strengthen the health security for this region in hopes to make a change and put an end to this inequality. Read full profile…