ScaleUp Mastery & Venture Vantage (Room C)

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Commercializing technology and scaling a business require a skill set that includes innovation, strategic thinking, adaptability, networking, and leadership. Success lies in creatively generating and developing new ideas, formulating clear strategies, adjusting to market trends, building robust stakeholder relationships, and demonstrating effective leadership. These ‘superpowers’ can enable navigation through commercialization challenges, fostering a successful business.


Rosemarie Truman
Growth Strategy | Entrepreneur | Startup Catalyst | Impact Investor | Corporate Executive
Entrepreneur, startup catalyst, impact investor and a corporate executive. Founder and CEO of The Center for Advancing Innovation Inc. CEO and Co-Founder of Ignite Social Impact, the first crowd platform to democratize impact investing. Read full profile…


Pete Thurlow
Chair, IP Medical Device Group at Polsinelli
Pete Thurlow is an experienced patent lawyer, focused on presenting strategies to help protect inventors, small businesses, and multinational corporations’ intellectual property rights. Pete has built a versatile and sophisticated practice largely focused on companies actively engaged in innovation and looking for funding to get started. Read full profile…

Ellis Rosenberg
Managing Director, FiscalNote ESG Solutions
Ellis Rosenberg is a strategic leader with a proven track record in driving top-line revenue growth, fostering social impact, and safeguarding brand reputation. With expertise in building and implementing strategic initiatives, Ellis has successfully generated over $1 billion in revenue through partnerships and sales enablement. Ellis’s impressive portfolio includes forging impactful relationships with industry leaders like Walmart, Unisys, VIZIO, Warner Brothers, Google, AARP, Denny’s, and the University of Maryland. Read full profile…

Daniel Ryan
Alikos Wealth Management Principal
Daniel Ryan co-founded Alikos Wealth Management, LLC in 2016 with Peter Ryan. He attended high school in Washington, D.C., graduating from Maret School in 2011. He then attended Villanova University and graduated in 2015 with honors and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science. Daniel has a diverse background having interned at a political organization, a financial firm, and a legal firm. Read full profile…