Session 2: Red Flags that Keep Investors Away

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Join us for a discussion on the most common reasons entrepreneurs fail to launch their companies or achieve growth. Sharon Seivert, an expert at helping entrepreneurs who find themselves at a plateau, will discuss methods on how to break through to the next level.


Randall Reade
Executive Vice President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Randall Reade is the co-founder of the Washington DC ArchAngels, an angel investment group that finds, vets, and presents early stage companies to hundreds of investors. Founded in 2011, The ArchAngels has presented over 800 companies from clean tech, biotech, medical devices, AI and blockchain, energy, apps, games, and even cookies. Read full profile…


Sharon Seivert
CEO of CORE Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Sharon Seivert is the leader of Core Coaching & Consulting, LLC an international partnership that helps leaders, businesses, and individuals
increase their effectiveness and power by implementing The Balancing Act’s agile strategies. Read full profile…


Brad Bertoch
Angel/Venture Fund investor, Strategic advisor
Brad Bertoch has over 35 years experience in establishing Salt Lake City as a industry leader in tech commercialization. He has assisted over 1000 companies in understanding the capital raising process. They have To date they have generated over $30 Billion in financial transactions, and have created or retained over 45,000 jobs, directly and indirectly. Read full profile…