Session 2: Coping with Climate Change: Climate Change Technology

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Panel 2 on Climate Change Technology offers a broad and fascinating take on how technology is addressing climate change from multiple angles. Tech is working on how to measure climate change, and on how to perform climate change scenario analysis. The financial services industry is developing sophisticated methods for financing climate change technology which should accelerate its progress. A variety of industries with a major negative effect upon climate change, like ocean shipping, are reviewing their processes and adopting decarbonization technology.
Krystal Noiseux of the MIT Sloan School of Management will introduce the audience to climate change systems dynamics model that simulates climate policy interactions with a presentation on En-ROADS, a climate change software co-developed by MIT Sloan and Climate Interactive. The audience will be able to participate in changing different climate change variables to assess different climate change results. Joe Indvik of RE Tech Advisors will describe the special needs of the climate change technology industry, and how the financial services industry is responding to facilitate technology progress. Ingrid Irigoyen of the Aspen Institute explains an obscure yet huge world, ocean shipping, which generates vast amounts of carbon and is ripe for numerous decarbonization technologies.


Sandra Baer
CEO Personal Cities
Ms. Baer is a champion of creative collaborations between the public and private sectors. She leads Personal Cities,, a smart city company focused on city identity and placemaking, social inclusion and equity, climate actions and the acceleration of digital technology investments to support innovators and entrepreneurs. Read full profile…


Joe Indvik
Director of Carbon Solutions and Clean Energy Finance, RE Tech Advisors
Joe is an entrepreneur and consultant focused on clean energy finance. His goal is to make financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy radically accessible, thereby driving tens of billions of dollars into these projects and decarbonizing our energy system. Read full profile…

Ingrid Irigoyen
Associate Director, Ocean and Climate, for the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program (EEP)
Ingrid Irigoyen serves as the Associate Director, Ocean and Climate, for the Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Program (EEP). She leads EEP’s work on ocean and coastal sustainability and decarbonization of the ocean economy, and provides strategic advice and facilitation for partners striving to work collaboratively to address multi-sectoral ocean and coastal challenges. Read full profile…

Krystal Noiseux
Associate Director, Climate Pathways Project, MIT Sloan School of Management
Krystal Noiseux is the Associate Director of The Climate Pathways Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Sloan School of Management, where she oversees engagement efforts in support of the project’s main goal: to use interactive simulations to advance the adoption of evidence-based climate policy through top decision-makers in the public and private sector. Read full profile…