Midday Keynote – David Rose: Founder, New York Angels & Author of NYT Best Seller “Angel Investing”

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Angel Investing: Behind the Scenes
The Future is created by entrepreneurs…and entrepreneurs are typically funded in the early stages of their creations by angel investors, the high net worth individuals who put their own money into backing startup founders. David S. Rose, one of America’s leading early stage angel investors and the founder of Gust, the industry platform that connects investors with startups, will reveal the secrets behind the world of entrepreneurial funding, explaining how angels can get in on the ground floor of the next Big Thing, and how founders can best position their ventures for investment.


Randall Reade
Executive Vice President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Randall Reade is the co-founder of the Washington DC ArchAngels, an angel investment group that finds, vets, and presents early stage companies to hundreds of investors. Founded in 2011, The ArchAngels has presented over 800 companies from clean tech, biotech, medical devices, AI and blockchain, energy, apps, games, and even cookies. Read full profile…


David S. Rose
Founder of New York Angels and author of the NYT Best Seller “Angel Investing”
David Rose is a long time leader of the tech industry, and has been described as “New York’s Archangel” by Forbes, “patriarch of Silicon Alley” by Red Herring, and a “world conquering entrepreneur” by BusinessWeek. He is a serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, Inc 500 CEO, Founding General Partner of True Global Ventures, Founder & CEO of the US Real Estate Market, and Founder & Executive Chairman of Gust, the SaaS platform powering over 1,000,000 startups and 85,000 early-stage investors. He is the NYT best selling author of “Angel Investing” and “The Startup Checklist.” Read full profile…