Major League Pitch Competition

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Join us for the Major League Pitch Competition, where innovative startups converge to create a healthier and wealthier world. Experience captivating pitches from visionary entrepreneurs focused on revolutionizing industries and bettering our world. You will witness groundbreaking solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and transformative business models that address real-world challenges. This is an opportunity to engage in insightful discussions and embrace emerging trends during this exciting pitch competition. Don’t miss the birth of tomorrow’s game-changers!


Michael Nathans
CEO, WhisperSom
Michael is an innovator, educator and serial entrepreneur with a corporate governance, business, health, science and big data background. Michael apprenticed in his father’s dental office as an early teen and earned an AB in Biology and Pre-Healing Arts from Franklin and Marshall College before entering a business career. Read full profile…

Yusuf Henriques
CEO, IndyGeneUS AI & IndyGeneUS Global
Yusuf N. Henriques is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IndyGeneUS AI & IndyGeneUS Global (pronounced indigenous) a precision genomics company aiming to create the world’s largest blockchain-encrypted digital health platform of indigenous and diasporic African clinical and genomic data. Read full profile…

Jay Banerjee
Co-founder and President, ImmersiveTouch
Jay Banerjee is the co-founder and president of ImmersiveTouch, a pioneer in augmented reality surgical simulation & navigation software. ImmersiveTouch is the platform for intuitive VR surgical planning, AR image-guided surgery, and 3D printing. He is responsible for running all facets of the business and has a proven executive management track record driving growth and innovation in healthcare. Read full profile…

Zack Molnar
Finance Director, SafeRx/Caring Closures International
Zack Molnar serves as the Finance Director at SafeRx, a company that is revolutionizing healthcare through the use of proprietary locking pill containers. He is responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the organization, including fundraising, investor relations, and financial planning and analysis. Read full profile…

Tisha Jepson
True Bearing Diagnostics CEO and Co-Founder
With over 15 years experience developing successful start-up companies, Jepson brings with her, a leadership and board level perspective from both the private and public sector. As the CEO and Co-founder of True Bearing Diagnostics, Inc., she has helped revolutionize healthcare with diagnostic biomarker panels. Most recently Jepson worked as Director of Corporate Strategy, Sales, and Marketing for SeqLL, Inc. with the goal of improving world healthcare through improved diagnostics using true single molecule sequencing (tSMS) and focusing on the the Systems Biology of non-coding RNAs and their influence on chronic disease. Read full profile…