Keynote Panel – Midday: Healthcare & the Longevity Economy: Major Trends & Opportunities

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The evolving landscape of healthcare, increasingly crucial in the face of diverse health challenges, is the focal point of this conference panel. We aim to unravel the pivotal trends in healthcare and deliberate on their future impact.

Personalized Medicine:
By harnessing the power of genomic and proteomic technologies, treatments are becoming tailored to genetic profiles. Our expert panel will delve into the implications of this personalization on healthcare results and the hurdles in large-scale application.

Digital Health:
The advent of wearables, mobile health apps, and telemedicine are altering healthcare delivery dynamics. We will investigate the pros and cons, along with the ethical and regulatory concerns, of this digital shift.

AI and Machine Learning:
AI and machine learning hold promise in revolutionizing healthcare, enhancing diagnostics, treatments, and results. Our discussion will cover the latest breakthroughs and their potential effects on the healthcare workforce.

Preventive Healthcare:
As a cost-saving, health-optimizing strategy, preventive healthcare has garnered focus. The panel will address the challenges and prospects in advancing preventive healthcare, involving public awareness and policy incentives.

The future of health is a thrilling, fast-paced domain with ceaseless innovations. Through dissecting core themes—personalized medicine, digital health, AI and machine learning, and preventive healthcare—this panel aspires to shed light on the trials and triumphs in shaping tomorrow’s healthcare.




Benjamin Holmes
Nanochon, CEO
Dr. Ben Holmes is an entrepreneur, medtech executive, inventor, and scientist. He is the CEO and co-founder of Nanochon, which is commercializing a 3D printed cartilage implant for regenerating lost or damaged cartilage in joints. His academic background is in 3D printing and biomaterials for tissue engineering and regeneration. Ben is also a 3DHEALS community manager in the Washington, D.C. area. Read full profile…

John Bittman
NIST Interagency Policy Specialist, Technology Partnerships Office (TPO)
John Bittman is an Interagency Policy Specialist in the Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He works on convening technology transfer stakeholders and assisting in program and policy formulation on behalf of the interagency technology transfer community. Read full profile…