Troy Helming, Successful Three-Time Renewable Founder, CEO & Founder, EarthGrid

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Join Troy Helming, a visionary entrepreneur, innovator, and clean energy pioneer, for a powerful discussion about the future of sustainability, technology, and health.

Troy founded companies that have generated more than $10 billion in economic impact and invented two technologies that led to 40+ clean energy patent claims. He is the founder of TradeWind Energy and served as the CEO until selling the company in 2004. The company has generated over $8 billion worth of wind projects and was the top wind developer in the US in 2017. Troy then founded Pristine Sun, a company that has built 350+ solar projects totaling $500 million in market value and achieved high profile projects, including the largest floating solar project award in North America. Tony is also the author of the book The Clean Power Revolution, co-inventor of FloatoRack (an innovative floating solar system with multiple patents pending), and inverter of the Red Gopher (a visionary robotic tunneling technology).


Brian Park
Managing Partner, SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain
Brian is a startup evangelist, advisor, and angel investor. He is also the Managing Partner at the SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain (Formerly AOL Fishbowl Labs), which is the premiere startup accelerator in the Washington DC area and he has helped raised more than $150M in funding for their portfolio companies (MHelpDesk, ThreatQuotient, Xmode,, Curator, Airside Mobile). Read full profile…