Healthcare Apps & Devices: The Promise & The Performance (Room B)

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Join us for an enlightening panel discussion on the transformative power of healthcare apps and
devices. In an era where technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, the healthcare
industry has embraced this digital revolution to improve patient outcomes, enhance accessibility,
and streamline medical services. Our esteemed panelists, experts in the field, will share their
insights and experiences in developing cutting-edge healthcare apps and devices that are shaping
the future of healthcare.

During this panel discussion, our experts will explore topics such as the latest advancements in
healthcare apps and devices, the challenges faced in their development and implementation, and
the ethical considerations surrounding data privacy and security. Whether you are a healthcare
professional, technologist, or simply interested in the future of healthcare, this panel will provide
invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving world of healthcare apps and devices.
Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion that will unveil the potential of
healthcare technology in shaping the future of medical care.


Michael Nathans
CEO, WhisperSom
Michael is an innovator, educator and serial entrepreneur with a corporate governance, business, health, science and big data background. Michael apprenticed in his father’s dental office as an early teen and earned an AB in Biology and Pre-Healing Arts from Franklin and Marshall College before entering a business career. He was a Sr. Manager at PwC for 5 years and is nationally recognized for launching the first credit bureau and credit score to include on-time rent payments. Read full profile…


Dr. Corinna Lathan, PH.D
Author, Inventor, Board Director
For over 20 years, Dr. Corinna Lathan led AnthroTronix, Inc. as CEO, Co-Founder, and Board Chair to invent human-centered products in digital health, bioelectronic medicine, wearable technology, robotics, and augmented reality. Dr. Lathan details these projects in her 2022 best-selling book, Inventing the Future, Stories from a Techno-Optimist. Read full profile…

Sue Carr
President, CarrTech Corp.
Dr. Sue Carr, Founder and President, CarrTech Corp., is a highly accomplished Clinical Hospital
Pharmacist who has made remarkable strides in revolutionizing the field of medication filtration. She saw an unsafe and complicated process of filtering ampoule-based medication and developed a simple and safe solution called FROG (Filter Removal of Glass). Read full profile…