Future of Work

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Technological advances, demographic shifts, and consumer pulls seem to be fundamentally changing the way people work and the way organizations design jobs and environments. Some see this as a challenge, but it can be an opportunity to reimagine talent models, organizational practices, and business models. Deloitte – “Forces of Change – The Future of Work”

How are technology and the way people work and behave transforming?? Our distinguished panel of experts will share their insights on a diverse range of topics from Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition, Retention, Reskilling, to technologies and business models that are defining the Future of Work.


Sandy Vasan
Managing Director, Innovation Partners
Sandy is a seasoned Brand & Marketing executive specializing in innovation and digital transformation in the US, EMEA, China and India. Her expertise includes positioning brands to stay competitive, creating products and go-to market strategies, and, establishing a culture that attracts talent and promotes innovation. Read full profile…


David Gamse
Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Council for the Aging
David Gamse is a gerontologist who has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Council for the Aging since 1990. At JCA, he plays a pivotal role in creating and managing innovative and cost-effective programs that help seniors thrive and that build intergenerational connections. Read full profile…

Narayan Iyer
Global Venture Leader, Cognizant
Narayan Iyer is the Global Venture Leader for Cognizant’s Drones and Image Analytics venture. In his role, he is actively involved in engaging and managing investments of Cognizant in this sector as well as building a global practice around drones and the associated data and analytical services. Read full profile…

Jennifer Mizrahi
President, RespectAbility
Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is the President of RespectAbility, a nonprofit organization fighting stigmas and advancing opportunities for people with disabilities. She regularly works with disability organizations, national, state and local policy leaders, workforce development professionals, media, employers, philanthropists, celebrities and faith-based organizations in order to expand opportunities for people with disabilities. Read full profile…

Aaron Saunders
Founder & CEO, Clearly Innovative Inc. & Inclusive Innovation Incubator
Aaron Saunders is the CEO and Founder of Clearly Innovative Inc., a minority-owned digital solutions provider headquartered in Washington DC. The firm shapes ideas into viable products and transforms clients’ existing technologies into stunning digital solutions. Read full profile…