Future of Transportation & Logistics

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The pandemic produced several trends that impacted transportation including:
• a greater reliance on remote work or work-from-home,
• an acceleration in online purchasing and the direct delivery of those purchases, and
• an almost complete replacement of business travel for meetings and conferences/conventions with virtual meetings and conferences/conventions.

In addition, the pandemic created a greater awareness of the need for greener transportation options such as electric vehicles and cycling, while a change in the U.S. Administration has increased the emphasis on environmentally-friendly mobility.
Will these changes and trends continue in the post-pandemic era and, if so, what are the implications on our transportation and logistics systems? For instance, will it change the way we have to fund mass transit as individuals continue to work from home or produce innovative and more efficient approaches to and technologies for last mile delivery as online purchasing accelerates?

This panel assembles a group of transportation and logistics experts to examine:
• the changes that may occur in transportation and logistics systems if these trends persist in the post-pandemic era, and
• the opportunities that these changes may create for entrepreneurs and innovators to establish successful businesses.


Kimberly D. Hart
Management & Program Analyst
Kimberly D. Hart is an inspiring speaker, entrepreneur, success strategist, and teacher. She is a Management and Program Analyst serving on a detail to the Department of Transportation Office of the Secretary’s Office of Innovation and Engagement. Kimberly has over 18 years of federal service. At her home office, the FAA, she is the Corporate Learning and Development Liaison for the Air Traffic Organization (ATO)’s 45,000+ workforce. Read full profile…


Kathleen Galvin
Vice President, CGI
Kathleen Galvin is a Vice President with CGI, a global consultancy with the scale, reach, and capabilities to meet clients’ digital transformation needs. Responsible for CGI’s commercial business in the Greater Washington Area, she leads a diverse, multi-industry portfolio, providing end-to-end information technology and business consulting services. Read full profile…

Melissa King
Director Office of Innovation and Engagement, U. S. Department of Transportation
Melissa King serves as the Director of the Office of Innovation and Engagement in the Office of the Secretary for the Department of Transportation. The primary services for her office include management of the department-wide innovation program and engagement services offered to the organization to enrich the employee experience. Read full profile…

Dr. Hans C. Mumm
Senior Intelligence Officer & Cybersecurity Professional
Dr. Hans C. Mumm is senior intelligence officer/cybersecurity professional with over 27 years of progressively challenging positions within the advanced (emerging and disruptive) technology fields and information technology arenas. Dr. Mumm has led highly-visible, high-pressure projects in autonomous systems research, artificial intelligence (A.I.) 5G initiatives, and cybersecurity/risk management programs for the intelligence community, including the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) the National Security Council (NSC), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Read full profile…

Dr. Stephen M. Popkin
Deputy Director for Research and Innovation, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Dr. Stephen Popkin, a recognized authority in transportation fatigue and human factors, has served as the Deputy Director for Research and Innovation at the US DOT’s Volpe National Transportation Systems Center in Cambridge, MA since 2017. Popkin helps build and monitor the Volpe Center’s research, innovation, and demonstration portfolio of hundreds of projects across the government, private, and non-profit entities that sponsor Volpe work. Read full profile…