Future of the Longevity Economy

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In 2018, the 50+ consumer segment contributed $8.3 trillion in economic activity in the United States alone. Driven by the rapid demographic shifts, the Longevity Economy is here, growing and cannot be ignored. Promising new innovation will address the unmet needs of this critical segment. Existing incumbents must assess the relevance of their existing solutions and how they position themselves for impact. Our esteemed panel consists of visionaries who have been pioneering, researching, and working toward solutions for this important segment of society, and leveling the playing field for all.


Nigel Smith
President, Zurena LLC
Nigel Smith is a passionate and visionary leader with expertise in entrepreneurship, strategy development, business development and innovation in a wide variety of industry sectors, and in particular age-tech, insurance and beverages. Read full profile…


Michael R. Crawford, MBA, MHL
ADSOI, Howard University College of Medicine
Mr. Michael Crawford is the Associate Dean for Strategy, Outreach, and Innovation (ADSOI) at the Howard University College of Medicine and Executive Director of Howard University’s 1867 Health Innovation Project. Prior to Howard University, Mr. Crawford served as the Chief of Staff at Unity Health Care, Inc., one of the largest health center networks in the United States. Read full profile…

Susie Ellis
Co-Founder, Chair & CEO, Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit
Susie Ellis is the chair and CEO of the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute, considered the industry’s leading global research and educational resource. She is also co-founder, chair and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit, an organization at the heart of the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy focused on facilitating collaboration amongst industry thought leaders. Recognized as a leading authority on wellness trends, Ellis is a popular speaker at industry events. Read full profile…

Alison O’Neil, B.S.M.E., A.R.S.
Founder & President, Senior Select Seal and Beauty Becomes You Foundation
Leading with a strong interest in people and what it takes to age well, the impact of products and technology supports Ms. O’Neil’s expertise in the Aging Industry. Alison was aging technology leader, Aging2.0’s Atlanta Ambassador for 3 years. Recognized speaker and author to several published articles of note, she works closely with and has been recognized by numerous institutions like Georgia Tech Research Institute and organizations including AARP, American Society on Aging and Geriatric Educators Association who focus on the growing longevity market. Read full profile…

Jon Warner
CEO and Board Chair Decision-support Architect for Innovation, Technology, DigitalHealth, Aging populations
5-time company CEO, Jon Warner is an entrepreneurship expert (particularly in the health, wellness and Healthcare sectors) having founded and led 3 startups (with 2 successful exits). Jon’s career started in the corporate world with Air Products and Chemicals, working in the US and across Europe before joining Exxon-Mobil. Read full profile…