Future of Entertainment

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The advent of streaming film and tv has dramatically changed Hollywood and how films are produced and distributed. Although theatrical releases will bounce back after Covid, the financial model has changed along with it. Find out from leading Hollywood insiders how the industry is adapting and what opportunities await you.


Randall Reade
Executive Vice President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Randall Reade co-founded The Washington DC ArchAngels in 2011, and has reviewed thousands of companies, and presented over 800 to hundreds of investors. He is active as an advisor to entrepreneurs and investors on Quora.com, and he is Most Viewed Writer on the subjects of entrepreneurship, angel investing and venture capital, having reached 4.5 million views worldwide. Read full profile…


Steve Douglas-Craig
Senior Executive, Sony Pictures
Steve is a Senior Executive at Sony Pictures in charge of creative development. At Sony, he has financed dozens of movies streaming and has worked with leading producers, studio executives, agents for leading stars and screenwriters. He has read thousands of scripts and moved many to creation and distribution. Read full profile…

Betsy Glick
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Betsy Glick is a public affairs specialist for the FBI. In her role as a media advisor, she assists productions developing motion pictures, television dramas, documentaries, podcasts and vodcasts. In addition to serving as a technical consultant to writers, directors and producers, she hosts Hollywood workshops and produces FBI’s public service campaigns on topics such as cybercrime awareness, child safety, and general crime prevention. Read full profile…

Justin Hulse
Co-Founder & COO, MWM Systems
Justin Hulse is the Cofounder and COO of MWM Systems, with over 10 years of experience in business operations, property management and team leadership. Justin brings tremendous value to any project or team by identifying bottlenecks in their operations and implementing systems to streamline processes to increase productivity. Justin has been recognized on numerous occasions as a top performer by those he has worked with. Read full profile…

Ron Newcomb
President, The Forge Studios
Ron Newcomb created The Forge Studios, and has written and directed award-winning short and feature length independent films. He founded FCF, a faith based film and filmmakers network with over 1800 enthusiasts, and also co-leads the DMV Producers Association, and is a founder of The Fantasy Network. Read full profile…