Future of Cities

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In 2017, the World Bank reported that 54% of the entire global population is in cities. Innovators are coming together with technology companies to discuss what solutions will be required to solve for the inevitable limited resources caused by economic growth in urban areas. A “smart city” is one solution bringing a variety of digital technology to better the living experiences of those living in these larger urban environments. During this Panel, you will hear from top industry leaders at the forefront of these issues helping to create “smart cities” in various different ways.


Anthony Millin
NEXT Chair, Partner, Shulman Rogers
Anthony Millin is the Chair of NEXT and a trusted legal and business advisor to startup, early-stage and emerging growth companies. As a corporate and securities attorney, a successful serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, Anthony brings a unique legal and business perspective to advising his clients. Read full profile…


Mark Maier
Shulman Rogers Partner, Electrical Engineer and US Army Colonel (Retired)
Mark Maier began his career as an electrical engineer upgrading communication networks and integrating new IT systems across Europe. He then harmonized US products in Denmark, was the regional IT expertise in Australia and started a consulting group in Boston. Mark is now a Partner at Shulman Rogers where he chairs the firm’s Technology Transactions, Government Contracts and Homeland Security groups. Read full profile…

Bob Mazer
Founder at Smart City Works
Passionate and seasoned entrepreneur and attorney with multi-decade experience in developing creative and innovative strategies to obtain value from emerging market opportunities. Recognized as an industry innovator in the technology and telecommunications sectors. Demonstrated ability to launch and structure organizations with a keen eye for alliances, integration and establishing forward-thinking footprints and scalable business models. Read full profile…

Miriam Roure
Director, URBAN-X
Miriam Roure is passionate about improving cities through technology and design. She is the Director of URBAN-X, an accelerator built by MINI and Urban Us, dedicated to investing in and supporting entrepreneurs developing urban solutions. Read full profile…