Fintech Panel: Access to Credit

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For decades, credit access options were limited in part due to the difficulty in assessing a borrower’s likelihood of repayment. In effect, one needed to go into debt to prove creditworthiness and lower their cost of borrowing. For those without a credit file, options for financing were limited to disadvantageous loans (including payday loans), if they were available at all–and when it came time to buy a home, there was no way to get a mortgage. However, AI has greatly expanded the amount of data available to lenders, leading to algorithms that are often more accurate than traditional credit scoring models in predicting likelihood of repayment without the need for a traditional credit file. This expands access to credit and lowers borrowing costs. From small businesses to large mortgage lenders, companies of all sizes–and their customers–are embracing these options. Find out how they will transform the economy and how your business can leverage them.


Drew Petrushka
Government & Industry Relations Manager at U.S. Mortgage Insurers
Drew is a government relations professional with a background in financial services and foreign policy. He is currently Government & Industry Relations Manager at U.S. Mortgage Insurers, where he has implemented legislative and member-focused strategies to support record-setting levels of new originations and address the impacts of COVID-19 on homeowners throughout the nation. Read full profile…


Phillip W. Bracken, CMB
Managing Director, VantageScore Solutions
Phil Bracken is Managing Director of VantageScore Solutions. He has responsibility for the Mortgage Marketplace and Government & Industry Relations with the primary responsibility of advancing VantageScore in the mortgage industry.He was previously Chief Policy Officer and Head of Government & Industry Relations for Radian Guaranty Mortgage Insurance, the largest private mortgage insurance company in the U.S. Read full profile…

David Lighton
Founder & CEO, SendFriend
David Lighton, Founder/ CEO of SendFriend, is a serial entrepreneur focused on blockchain technology, payments, and financial inclusion. He created SendFriend to enable lower-cost, cross-border payments following his experience working for the World Bank in Haiti, after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Read full profile…

Andrew Ting
General Counsel, West Creek
Andrew Ting leads legal and compliance teams at financial services companies, technology companies, and venture capital funds. Andrew is currently General Counsel at West Creek, a fintech applying machine learning and big data analytics to point-of-sale finance. Read full profile…