The Pandemic and Higher Education: Crisis, Innovation and Transformation

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Almost overnight, the nation’s universities and colleges went “remote.”  Universities and colleges around the world contemplate existential questions ranging from how to fulfill their missions to  educate students in a pandemic.  What is the potential for the crisis to catalyze innovation and transformation?  Join Noah Pickus and Kate Ebner, co-directors of the Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leaders, a collaboration between Georgetown University and Arizona State University, for a discussion about the future of higher education in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Justine Schaffner
Chair Strategic Partners, Wharton DC Innovation Summit
Justine Schaffner is an accomplished business network creator, executive board development strategist and proven industry leader in developing marketing and engagement strategies among multi-faceted complex organizations in order to advance and deliver upon executive charters for raising viability and public recognition for organizations. Justine served as the Chief Business Development Officer at the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society. Read full profile…


Kate Ebner
Founding Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership Georgetown University & CEO, Founder & Leadership Coach, The Nebo Company
Kate Ebner helps people see the future. Through coaching leaders and developing the potential of leadership teams and organizations, Kate shows people how to lead purposefully rather than simply react to current events. Kate specializes in leading with vision and, as importantly, how to realize that vision through effective, focused implementation. Read full profile…

Noah Pickus
Associate Provost, Duke University & Dean of Curricular Affairs and Faculty Development, Duke Kunshan University
Noah Pickus is Associate Provost and Senior Advisor at Duke University, Dean of Undergraduate Curricular Affairs and Faculty Development at Duke Kunshan University, and Professor of the Practice at the Sanford School of Public Policy. He co-directs the Arizona State University-Georgetown University Academy for Innovation in Higher Education Leadership Intensive Program and has written widely on immigration, globalization, and innovation in higher education. Read full profile…