How to Pivot, Reposition and Future-Proof with Outsourcing, Virtual Assistants and Easy Tech Tools

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In this high take-away session, Brad shares why accessing affordable, global talent in the “gig economy” is becoming the new standard for businesses to scale. He’ll discuss integrating virtual staff with existing employees and the best tools to manage remote teams. He’ll cover case-studies across marketing, sales, operations, finance and personal tasks along with examples from a list of 125+ growth opportunities emerging from CV19 and how businesses are repositioning using affordable global talent.


Brad Stevens
CEO Virtual Assistants – Outsourcing Expert
Brad Stevens (Wharton Graduate 2002) is a lifetime entrepreneur and CEO of Outsource Access, an offshore virtual services firm he built to over 100 staff in less than a year. He’s a global speaker, author, and walks-the-walk daily with expertise on scaling, automation, outsourcing and high-performance virtual teams. For his philanthropic efforts, a documentary film was made about his firm, and he was selected to run a think tank on Economic Growth at the United Nations headquarters. Read full profile…