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Blockchain technology offers tremendous hope and promise to drastically improve data transparency and data sharing, as well as reduce the risk of a central point of failure for corporate, government, and private entities. But there is also significant hype around blockchain that has been driven by the bubble in cryptocurrency investments and people who don’t want to miss out on the next wave of new technology implementations whether in private or public sectors. What will determine the future of blockchain – the hope or the hype? This is the subject tackled by the area’s leading thought leaders in the space.


Brian Park
Managing Partner, SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain
Brian is a startup evangelist, advisor, and angel investor. He is the Managing Partner at the SparkLabs Cyber+Blockchain (Formerly Fishbowl Labs), which is the premiere startup accelerator in the Washington DC area. He is also the Director of Technology for Curator Solutions, which is an Edtech SaaS startup that creates interactive tools for trainers and instructional designers. Read full profile…


Kevin Batteh
CEO, Jenga Advisors
Kevin is a seasoned financial services lawyer with over two decades of futures and swaps regulatory experience. Prior to forming Jenga Advisors, Kevin joined Delta Strategy Group as a partner in 2014 assisting clients across a range of areas including regulatory compliance, enforcement, and policy issues related to domestic and international derivatives and energy markets. Read full profile…

John Beccia
Co-Founder & CEO, FS Vector LLC
John Beccia is Co-Founder and CEO of FS Vector, a Washington DC-based advisory firm which provides a broad range of solutions for financial services, fintech and cyrptocurrency firms. FS Vector assists clients with government/regulatory strategy and with the implementation of compliance programs and regtech tools. Read full profile…

Steve Cocker, PhD
Internet Pioneer, Internet Hall of Famer, CEO of Shinkuro
Dr. Crocker is an Internet pioneer and computer scientist, with expertise in computer and network security and formal methods. He is CEO of Shinkuro, Inc. At ICANN, he was the founding chair of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) and served on the Board of ICANN for 14 years, including 6 ½ years as chair. Read full profile…

Neil Wasserman, PhD
Using blockchain to enable behavior change and better outcomes on an individual, social and global scale.
Neil H. Wasserman (Ph.D.), Adjunct Prof. in Computer Science at George Washington University (GW), and Managing Director, Timewave Analytics, LLC, focuses on the design and implementation of healthcare applications of blockchain and other technologies. He teaches the first course on blockchain at GW in the Computer Science Dept. and leads a university wide seminar on blockchain. Read full profile…