Be an “A” Leader by Discovering Your Natural Entrepreneurial Assets

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“Be an “A” Entrepreneurial Leader by Discovering Your Natural Entrepreneurial Assets”

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Or you are one, but have trouble getting things off the ground? Join us for a hands on workshop that will help you assess your your skills and personality to be an entrepreneur and what to do when you hit a plateau or brick wall and need help moving forward.


Sharon Seivert
CEO of CORE Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Sharon Seivert is the leader of Core Coaching & Consulting, LLC an international partnership that helps leaders, businesses, and individuals increase their effectiveness and power by implementing The Balancing Act’s agile strategies. Sharon has been an entrepreneur for almost the entirety of her working life. Prior to launching Core Coaching & Consulting (CCC), she served as the Founder and CEO of a Group Health Plan that established an industry record for earliest-ever break-even. Read full profile…

Randall Reade
Executive Vice President, Washington DC ArchAngels
Randall Reade is the co-founder of the Washington DC ArchAngels, an angel investment group that finds, vets, and presents early stage companies to hundreds of investors. Founded in 2011, The ArchAngels has presented over 800 companies from clean tech, biotech, medical devices, AI and blockchain, energy, apps, games, and even cookies. Read full profile…