Artificial Intelligence
+ Big Data

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AI, in combination with big data, is expected to revolutionize and transform the way we live and work, impacting everything from autonomous vehicles, shopping and advertising to healthcare.


Leif Jackson
VP of Product at Cybrary
Leif Jackson is responsible for Cybrary’s Content, Operations, and Product teams. Leif has 15 years experience leading teams across business analytics and global product management in the UK, Egypt, and the US in fortune 500 financial services companies (Capital One, Equifax, and Barclays), as well as non-profit organizations (the Broad Foundation and AARP). Read full profile…


Stephen Boughner
Partner, NSIP Law
Mr. Boughner’s patent practice includes transactional intellectual property matters and client counseling for all phases of patent preparation and procurement, including preparing and procuring patent applications, as well as post issuance activities and evaluations, including reissue, reexamination, pre-litigation counseling involving a broad range of technologies and legal issues, design around counseling, portfolio management, and patentability, product clearance, validity, and infringement studies and opinions. Read full profile…

Vishal Gupta
Global CTO & Senior Vice President, Technology, Unisys
Vishal Gupta is global CTO and Senior Vice President, Technology at Unisys. Vishal leads the global technology and product development organization across six global centers and several thousand associates. Read full profile…

Lokesh Kumar
Co-founder and VP of Tech,
An experienced technology leader, Lokesh Kumar is interested in platforms and technologies that transform industries, particularly those making our lives better. That aptly fits both the description of his previous start-up (FamilyArmour) as well as And it describes Lokesh’s past work on WRX, Verisign, Comcast and Videology. Read full profile…