Sean Flood

After a successful career in real estate, Sean Flood decided to put his passion for advertising and sustainability on wheels. The GOTCHA (Green Operated Transit Carrying Humanity Around) Group began with the launch of Gotcha Ride in 2009. Eco-friendly electric vehicles provided free, safe rides for college students. The on-campus transportation programs were funded through outside sponsors, giving advertisers the unique opportunity to provide a much-needed service and align themselves with a sustainable initiative.

Gotcha has since acquired two other companies to create the modern day Gotcha Media Holdings, with assets in Ride, Bike, Give and Spot, providing unparalleled advertising access to universities and municipalities through meaningful, sustainable programs. Sean Flood is the Chief Executive Officer for Gotcha, overseeing all four company divisions.

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Bethesda North Conference
Center & Marriott Hotel
5901 Marinelli Road
North Bethesda, MD 20852 USA