S. A. Ibrahim

S.A. Ibrahim is chief executive officer of Radian Group Inc. (NYSE: RDN).  Headquartered in Philadelphia, Radian provides private mortgage insurance and products and services to the mortgage and real estate industries. Radian is one of the largest private mortgage insurers of U.S. residential mortgages, sand its mortgage and real estate services segment is a leader in each of its industries.

Despite the recent challenge of one of the worst economic and housing-related downturns, through Mr. Ibrahim’s leadership, Radian has maintained a relatively strong financial position — with total assets of over $6.9 billion and stockholders’ equity of more than $2.1 million. Radian doubled its private mortgage insurance market share during the downturn writing a leading share of today’s high-quality business while continually strengthening the management team.  Radian today is an industry leader in insurance in force.

In 2014, Radian sold its financial guaranty business, Radian Asset Assurance Corp., to Assured Guaranty Ltd for approximately $810 million.  Under Mr. Ibrahim’s leadership, the financial guaranty business was one of only two financial guarantors in the U.S. to successfully survive the financial crisis in 2007. Radian continues to focus on future success and has acquired Clayton Holdings, a leading mortgage services provider, further broadening and strengthening its growing franchise.

Prior to joining Radian, Mr. Ibrahim was the CEO of GreenPoint Mortgage Funding based in Novato, California. Under his leadership, GreenPoint Mortgage transformed itself from a small mortgage originator to one of the leading U.S. mortgage originators. In 2002, GreenPoint Mortgage was selected by a group of international business leaders as the winner of the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation award for North America. GreenPoint Mortgage was also a pioneer in business process outsourcing.

Mr. Ibrahim’s experience also includes heading international reengineering for American Express, being the CEO of Chemical Mortgage as well as working at Bank of America and General Electric Company. Mr. Ibrahim has served on various boards, including the Fannie Mae National Advisory Board and the Mortgage Bankers Association Board of Governors. Currently, he serves on the Board of Trustees of the Wharton Graduate Board, the Academy of the University of Pennsylvania, the Inter Faith Youth Core, Chicago, the Philadelphia Anti Defamation League, the Auburn (Presbyterian) Seminary, New York and the Center of Interreligious Understanding.  He was an advisor to the White House team on President Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech and was a keynote speaker at the Presidential Entrepreneurial Summit in Washington in April 2010.

Mr. Ibrahim, through his family foundation is an active supporter of various educational and interfaith programs including the Ibrahim Middle East Program. He is also an active angel investor in many start-up consumer products, real estate and technology related companies.

Mr. Ibrahim holds an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania and a BE in Engineering from Osmania University in India.

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