Russell Meddin

In a second career, Mr. Meddin became active in urban transportation issues. As a way to increase local bicycle mode share, he began studying automated Public Use Bicycle programs in 2005 as the answer. This led to surveying public use bicycle programs around the world. He writes for The Bike-sharing Blog in the USA and maintains The Bike-sharing World Mapwww.bikesharingmap.com for the world. The Map is a visual catalog of programs. It is the ultimate resource for information on over 1,200 IT/automated Public Use Bicycle/bikesharing programs world-wide. He is an untiring advocate for public use bicycling for both small towns and big cities. He has spoken on this subject in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.

3.1. Bike Wars!
Textbook Case of Disruptive Innovation.
01.45 to 03.00

4.1. Bike Wars! (Part Two)
Battle for a $5.4 Trillion Industry?
03.15 to 04.30

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