Rosemarie Truman

Rosemarie has 23+ years of experience in architecting growth/investment strategies and transformations that have served as the platform for more than 150 new products and an unprecedented $25 billion in profits for Fortune 100 clients having spearheaded IBM’s Innovation Strategy Practice and other prestigious strategy organizations. Rosemarie is also a serial entrepreneur; she founded and is CEO of the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) focused on maximizing the commercial potential of high-impact, “gazelle” Federally funded inventions in order to spur entrepreneurship, bolster the economy, galvanize ecosystems and positively impact the world. At CAI, Rosemarie conceived of and realized a first-of-a-kind, award-winning challenge-accelerator program which has catalyzed the launch of 33 new startups over the last two years. For conceiving this novel model of venture philanthropy, Ms. Truman has received many awards and recognition from the White House, Health and Human Services, and features in Wired, Chicago Tribune, CBS News, Nature, Washington Post .

Rosemarie is Founder and Managing Partner at Gazelle Futures, an early stage venture capital fund that leverages access to a large portfolio of de-risked, capital efficient, late-stage inventions. Combined with CAI’s proven “Startup Challenge Accelerator,” Gazelle rapidly launches new companies and grows jobs by galvanizing and amplifying resources in under-valued, capital efficient regions. Rosemarie is also an Executive Director in the Founder’s Institute in the Washington-DC metro area plus board member for startups in high-tech, life sciences, manufacturing, and professional services. Overall, Ms. Truman has led the evaluation of over 75,000 inventions and/or growth opportunities.

Rosemarie worked globally in over 100 strategy engagements for clients, addressing ~20% of the Fortune 100. She started her career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs on the Listed Stock Block Desk upon graduating magna cum laude from Smith College where she received a full scholarship and the Samuel Bowles Prize for Economics. She earned Bachelors degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Mathematics and Economics as well as two minors in Comparative Literature and French. Rosemarie also attended Oxford.

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