Rob McPherson

Baas is a fluid marketplace for used bikes in university communities. Powered by Bluetooth locks and a mobile app, Baas enables users to find, test ride, and purchase nearby bikes directly from their phone. Inventory is supplied by students’ existing bikes, the school’s abandoned surplus, and local bike entrepreneurs. Baas also works with schools to purchase and distribute large fleets of new bikes directly to students, and provides financing and insurance to incentivize increased bike use on campus. Baas currently operates on 4 campuses, ranging from 2K to 60K students. Rob founded the company in Washington, DC in 2015 as a way to make bikes more accessible in a place where they can have a big impact on someone’s daily life — the college environment. As an advocate for youth entrepreneurship, sustainability, and self-sufficiency, Rob wants bikes to be a catalyst for all three. Baas gives students a platform to make money doing something that can improve health, livability, and affordability. Before Baas, Rob opened the European headquarters in Amsterdam for the San Francisco based SaaS company Revinate. His career has been focused on helping startups grow through sales and business development. Rob graduated from the University of Virginia in 2006 with degrees in Foreign Affairs and Urban Planning.

1.1. MOVE
Bikes to Autonomous Vehicles, Cities are on the Move.
09.30 to 10.45

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