Paul DeMaio

Paul DeMaio is a Washington, D.C.-based transport planner, whose specialties include bike and pedestrian planning, traffic calming, car-sharing, and bike-sharing. In 2004, DeMaio founded MetroBike, LLC – the first bike-sharing consultancy in the U.S. – and has since worked with public and private sector clients on developing bike-share systems in the U.S. and abroad. MetroBike’s clients include Arlington County, VA; Perth, Australia; and Copenhagen, Denmark. DeMaio co-authored a public tender which became the U.S.’s first government-owned, privately operated bike-share system, called Capital Bikeshare, in the Washington, D.C. area and serves as the manager for Arlington’s portion of the growing service.

DeMaio is the founder and co-author of The Bike-sharing Blog (bike-sharing.blogspot.com) and The Bike-sharing World Map (bikesharingworld.com) and has been quoted by TIME, NPR, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post. DeMaio has a Bachelor of City Planning from the University of Virginia and a Master of Transportation Policy, Operations, and Logistics from George Mason University.


3.1. Bike Wars!
Textbook Case of Disruptive Innovation.
01.45 to 03.00

4.1. Bike Wars! (Part Two)
Battle for a $5.4 Trillion Industry?
03.15 to 04.30

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