Michael Beirne

Serial Investor, Parallel Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Evangelist

A business builder & investor – including some very strong successes and some business failures ranging from bootstrap, multimillion dollar capital raises & smaller investments. Michael’s 1st company, infomech, bootstrapped to over 75 employees while providing tech services and eCommerce infrastructure solutions to established businesses.

Managing partner and founder of Vetted Capital which invests in veteran led growth businesses. He’s the founder of multiple national entrepreneur angel investor and private equity groups and fills advisory and board seats on many companies. Michael owns several companies that help seed, feed, and breed success by providing tactical and strategic support, from CFO and accounting services to business planning and support or with other more specific business needs.

Michael has held a myriad of volunteer leadership positions including president of the leading CEO organization in Washington DC with over 500 alumni and also led in multiple global area director positions for The Entrepreneur Organization (EO), a global community of 8,000+ multimillion dollar business owners . ​

A frequent speaking panelist at industry conferences and also a judge for JA, NFTE, and GSEA. ​He serves as an Accountability Coach & mentor for several business owners driving past $1m in revenues.

Michael founded the Voice of Entrepreneurs to ensure entrepreneur voices are heard in DC and felt nationwide. He advised and impacted the amendment of the onerous Dodd-Frank Act to protect the angel investment community.

A military veteran, combat arms army officer, and MP company commander (post 9/11), Michael is committed to fostering enthusiasm for entrepreneurship among youth, veterans, and government policy makers. Along the way, he aspires to be a worthy blogger and thought leader on the discipline of managing multiple ventures or “parallel” entrepreneurship.

Specialties: Michael has also been actively involved in entrepreneur coaching, mentoring, and collaboration initiatives. He has raised multiple rounds of capital and also bootstrapped startups with zero capital. He has led and facilitated many executive team and CEO retreats.

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