Joel Coulter

Joel Coulter has successfully launched two UAS companies EchoStorm Worldwide, LLC and KSI Data Sciences. While with EchoStorm, Joel captured business with DHS NOC, Defense, First Responder, and Border and Port Security clients addressing their ability to integrate Unmanned Systems situational awareness capabilities with their other fixed security/surveillance systems. He was a Board member of DC-Chapter AUVSI and National Defense University’s Star-Tides Committee, and led Counter-Terrorism, Humanitarian Assistance, and Stability UAS exercise and training programs involving U.S. and global partners with next gen ICT/ISR and Unmanned Systems innovations.

Joel worked with a team to set up a UAS Consortium and led a team with UAVPRO that enabled Fort Pickett to become a National Guard UAS Center of Excellence. During the grant proposal process, Joel worked with Gary Haines now in Oregon to gather over $4.5M in “In-Kind” Unmanned Systems contributions that could be matched by Virginia’s Tobacco Commission grant.

Over the last two years Joel has been working to form the Secure Chain and the DVA-Consortiums ability to capture global Border, Port, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Logistics and Supply, Agriculture and Energy business involving UAS. Joel’s most recent work to advance Non-DoD UAS business can be seen at


Track 3: Technology Advances & Challenges
Drones and UAS: Uniquely Innovative Solutions for Today and Tomorrow
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