Jay Snyder

Mr. Snyder is a first class innovator and strategic thinker whose focus is on the art of the possible. He has proven himself as a visionary for a multitude of very large system of systems efforts and strategic thrusts. Some of those include Air Force Revolutionary Planning; Air Force Long Range Planning; The future DoD ISR architecture; The Coast Guard Deepwater System, The Army Future Combat Systems; The Marine Corps Non-Lethal Weapons Initiative; and the Navy ISR as a contracted service effort. A vision can not be achieved without the technology that enables it. He has been prolific at coming up with revolutionary and high leverage concepts and how to actualize them.

Mr. Snyder also has extensive military experience. He was an F-15E fighter pilot with 57 combat missions in Desert Storm; a Fighter Weapons School Instructor graduate; an instructor pilot; an instructor Mission Commander; a Flight Commander; a member of the Guidance, Apportionment and Targeting Team in Riyadh; Chief of Wing Weapons; Chief of Wing Plans; and worked for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force as Director of Air Force Revolutionary Planning and member of Air Force Long Range Planning.

His focus has been on the manned and unmanned vehicle arena and the artificial intelligence that will make them a potent combination.

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