Eric McGinley

Eric McGinley believes in providing business owners with the right strategy needed for all key contingencies. As a result, he offers business owners a one-stop shop for strategizing, then implementing and monitoring business financial plans – featuring both the business assets and their liabilities. He advises new start-up CEOs and seasoned owners to help them future-proof crucial portions of their business operations. This includes business continuity plans (structuring how the company pays bills/payroll in cases of accidents to owners or key employees). He’s a skilled adviser on how to attract, retain and incentivize employees with benefit packages, and he also develops the must-have plans for channeling income to owners and their families in the event of emergencies involving the owner.

He serves a key role at First Financial’s Business Strategies Group, a part of a mid-Atlantic financial services and planning company (Bethesda, MD) which serves businesses with over 200 advisors in PA, MD and VA offices. And he’s played in the Men’s Masters World Cup of Field Hockey.

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Bethesda North Conference
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