Dr. Hans C. Mumm

US Army Captain (Ret) Hans C. Mumm…now Dr. Hans C. Mumm was a mustang, serving eight years in the enlisted ranks and over eight years as an officer before becoming a wounded warrior.

He served as the officer in charge of the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards, CENTCOM’S Top 55 Most Wanted List” which was touted by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as one the most successful Information Operations (IO) in the history of DIA. Leadership is his passion and has been the key to his success.

Dr. Mumm is a published researcher in both the scientific and social science arenas. His published works include Embracing the Need for Leadership in the New World of Unmanned Vehicles and Robotics, Managing the Integration and Harmonization of National Airspace for Unmanned and Manned Systems and co-authoring, The Multi-Fuel Optimization System: A Technical Discussion, and drafted Legislation to Establish a National Inter-Agency Working Group To Develop Policies and Protocols On the Use of UAVs and Robotics. His UAV and robotics policies have focused on determining the specific uses, exceptions, and allowances; including studying the unintended consequences and future use and misuse of such technologies.

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