David Schoenberger

David Schoenberger has developed disruptive technology for electronic payments and data security companies since the mid-nineties.  David has designed and delivered high speed, highly redundant, and highly secure platforms and continues to emerge as a first mover and innovator in applying these solutions to the mobile space and industry specific markets such as payment processors working directly with the Federal Reserve and Card Associations, the largest financial institutions, and Fortune 50 companies.  With a programming and ERP configurable network computing foundation, David is a leader in payment and security solutions and has presented theories and solutions across the United States and internationally.  Besides work in technology, David has been a leader and with several not for profit organizations that improve well-being for children and one that assists impoverished families internationally.  David is a graduate of Sterling College.

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Bethesda North Conference
Center & Marriott Hotel
5901 Marinelli Road
North Bethesda, MD 20852 USA