Clem Dinsmore

Clem Dinsmore is a financial adviser with Potomac Financial Private Client Group, LLC, McLean, Virginia and registered representative of Commonwealth Financial, Waltham, MA and San Diego, CA.

Prior to becoming a financial adviser in 1998, Clem practiced law for 25 years with Congressional committees and Federal credit and financial institutions regulatory agencies.  During those years, Clem pursued an interest in planned community development, affordable housing, environmental protection, the cleanup and reuse of Brownfields sites, and bankruptcy/insolvency law.

As a financial adviser, Clem is especially interested in identifying for clients means by which they can invest in securities issued by companies or public bodies that are concerned with climate change mitigation, the realization of environmental or social benefits, or demonstrating sound corporate governance.

Clem’s clients include individuals, for-profit business entities and non-profit environmental advocacy organizations.

Clem is a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School.  The Citizens Climate Lobby and Chesapeake Climate Action Network are among Clem’s advocacy donees.

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