Brianna Layman

Brianna is currently a student in her junior year at Allegheny College pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree in biochemistry with a studio art minor. With a passion for science and service, it had been her dream and goal to attend medical school; however, through experience and exposure to other ways of servicing those in need her interests have shifted towards incorporating her biochemistry degree with a Master’s of Fine Arts.

In the past, Brianna has worked to research various preventative and treatment medicines for Alzheimer’s Disease at Cognition Therapeutics under co-founder and chief science officer, Susan Catalano. This experience broadened Brianna’s desire to explore answers and solutions to worldly problems in an attempt to make a global impact.

In the past, Brianna has been a Bonner Leader, AmeriCorps Volunteer, and Ambassador of Allegheny College to help promote positive relationships between the college and the surrounding Meadville community through the leadership of volunteering. Working with health care and special event management, Brianna has ameliorated her skills in interpersonal communication and purposeful community service. She has also been a diligent volunteer advocate at the local Women’s Services and become a Peer Buddy for Best Buddies International.

Currently, Brianna launched her first, small business, Le Beau Verre, to help pay college expenses. Specializing in hand-crafted and customized glassware and ornaments, she is pursuing her interests in many directions, such as art and entrepreneurship. The business has thrived and Brianna has been able to donate 15% of all her proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network.

While continuing her education, Brianna hopes to fuel her interests in science while helping others and balancing her many other interests and attributes such as music and art. Most excitingly, she had been crowned Miss Crawford County, a local Miss America Organization title. As Miss Crawford County, she has been working diligently to spread the word about the importance of arts education to enhance those success in science. The United States has dropped steadily as a world leader in STEM, and coincidentally the country has most commonly cut costs from orotund music programs. Brianna believes that arts education enhances the neurological capacities of those in the science world, and by restoring its public funding in primary and secondary school curricula the United States will once again be reintroduced as a world leader in STEM.

List of Accomplishments:

-Owner and Artist of Le Beau Verre

-Biochemistry Major, Studio Art Minor Student at Allegheny College

-Miss Crawford County 2015, Miss Pennsylvania Class of 2015

-Platform – The Art of Science: From STEM to STEAM

-Philanthropy Chairman of the Gamma Rho Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma

-Best Buddies International Peer Buddy

-Women’s Services Volunteer Advocate

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