Andres Jordan

Andres has always been about the new and leading companies to innovate faster and doggedly. He is founder of Factor6 Innovation Strategies, a consultancy focused on the effective launch, management and nourishment of innovation ecosystems. He has 30 years experience in technology, all of it deploying, growing and nurturing innovations via the Internet – perhaps the greatest business disruptor of all time. Via his global journeys in multiple capacities, he has realized the importance of adapting change management efforts to differing institutional and macro cultures. And Design Thinking is no exception. He currently serves as Executive Director for China Telecom Americas. Formerly he served as VP of Innovation for Deutsche Telekom, parent to T-Mobile. There he co-founded a global innovation department tasked with creating and accelerating product deployments in the digital content space. He resides in Alexandria, VA. Andres is certifiably crazy about the power of the human creative spirit to drive positive change via innovation and empathic mindsets.

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Bethesda North Conference
Center & Marriott Hotel
5901 Marinelli Road
North Bethesda, MD 20852 USA