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Amy Servais is owner and operator of, The Original Velatis, a successful manufacturer and retail candy store specializing in small batch artisan caramels in the Washington, D.C. area. With more than 30 years of experience in marketing, customer service, and retail sales, in both the fashion and confectionary industries, she has earned numerous awards and accolades. Her love of candy, passion for quality and tradition, and interest in guiding the direction of the company through insights from her customers and her own creative inspiration has been the key to her success. Amy has been responsible for store design, marketing, visual merchandising, product development, seasons development, forecasting and analysis, and daily operations. Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit, lead her to purchase the company and trademark recipes, in 1996, when Woodward and Lothrop went out of business. With family investors she set off to conquer the world of caramel candy and bring back the old time favorite caramel from the Nations Capitol. Her mission is to make the best old-fashioned caramels, provide superior quality artisan caramels and customer service, made possible by the fantastic people she employs and calls friends. She embodies the mantra of Do what you love , her experimentation with the recipes and artistry in handcrafting small batches of fresh caramels made from all natural ingredients and no preservatives, along with an uncompromising commitment to quality has resulted in wide recognition as the finest caramel. With the introduction of rich new flavors and gourmet product lines including toffees, seasalt turtles, caramel brownies and cupcakes, and handcrafted Belgian chocolates to the original caramel line of confections, she has grown the business and become well known as the Candy Lady . Making the world a sweeter place one delightful bite at a time. Velatis has been featured on the local news, and the Fox 5 morning news broadcast last Valentine’s Day, and in numerous magazine and newspaper articles about the business. Amy has guided the success of the company through social media, online and print advertising opportunities, and created a buzz in the community. Amy enjoys sharing stories with her customers, providing tours of the shop, sharing historical and fun candy facts, and seeing the smiles on the faces of her customers as they enjoy their candies and treats. Now being sold at, on Amazon and at The Whole Foods Markets.

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