Adam Trexler, Ph.D.

Adam Trexler, Ph.D. is the President and CoFounder of Valaurum, Inc. Valaurum® sells the smallest verifiable unit of gold on the world market using a nanotechnology; the Aurum®. Since August 2012, Valaurum® has created sales channels for the Aurum® in the promotional, governmental and gold bullion markets and developed a network of dealers and customers in fifteen countries. Adam has led innovation between production teams, salespeople, designers, distributors and consumers. Adam Trexler graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maryland, and obtained his MA with Distinction and Ph.D. from Queen Mary, University of London. From 2008-2012, Adam was employed as a professor and researcher at the first and second ranked universities for literature research in the UK, where he published numerous scholarly articles and this month published an academic book with the University of Virginia Press. His research has focused on how technological change leads to the formation of new cultural values, particularly with regard to art, the gold standard, credit, and more recently, climate change. Before his academic career, Adam was a vice president of Corporate Finance, Inc., where he implemented corporate structuring for earlystage companies.

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