Adam Lobel

Sizung’s mission is to accelerate the work of teams solving the world’s most important problems. Sizung is creating a global ecosystem of mission driven teams working collaboratively — across diverse sectors, cultures and geographies — to achieve universal access to clean air, water, food, energy, security, health, education and economic opportunity. Sizung’s Software as a Service (SaaS) unifies the team communication life-cycle, a cycle currently supported by separate and disjointed software for agenda preparation, live meetings, reporting outcomes & assigning tasks, and execution & follow-up.

As Ecosystem Director, Adam is responsible for cultivating the resources we need to achieve our mission, including team members, customers, business partners, and investors. Previously, Adam assembled international science, technology and engineering teams for the governments of Japan and the United States. Adam holds a BA from the University of California, Berkeley in Religious Studies, and an MS in Environmental and Information Studies from Tokyo City University.

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